Presidents and Their Watches


When attending the national summits, a valuable watch is often the standard of politicians. Let’s take a closer look at what watches they like to wear.



In 2005, Trump introduced a watch brand named after him, and the Trump brand watch uses a Japanese quartz movement, which is obviously different from the “made only in the United States” that he advertised.

Trump once personally participated in the design of this watch. The watch diameter is 48mm, branded “Trump”,18K gold, priced at $ 1 million,and with his signature on the back. Though he is very satisfied with this design and strive to promote.


Putin also loves famous brand watches. He has at least 11 world-class watches, including Patek Philippe, Blancpain, Breguet and A Lange.

The most commonly worn watch by Putin is a Blancpain, which appears in the public at least twice. This model of Blancpain is even known as “Putin Blancpain” in Russia.


The watch Theresa Mary May wears most is an Omega Constellation 18K gold antique watch, white dial, gold strap, unique “claw” design, is one of the most classic watch styles.


Whether Angela Merkel is attending a diplomatic event or attending a large conference, she wears a BOCCIA titanium watch, which has almost never been changed.

BOCCIA is a German native watch brand. Although the design is ordinary and the price is not much high, the quality is quite good. The German public praised the behavior of Merkel wearing the BOCCIA, which not only narrows the distance with the general public, but also greatly demonstrates the trust and support for German manufacturing.


The watch Abe Shinzo wears most Seiko watch which is the world’s first “Astron” series with GPS satellite positioning technology. Seiko watches is the proud of Japan. They once defeated Swiss watches in the World Watch Contest.


Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has always been known for his handsome appearance. He likes to wear IWC every day and sometimes wears an IWC Regulateur watch.


At the age of 71, Former Spanish King Juan Carlos loves Hublot, which has been a brand for less than 30 years. People often see him wearing the BigBang Royal Maritime Club watch.


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is a tough character, and his watch also conveys the message: Panerai PAM048 series watches.


According to French media reports, he spent tens of thousands of pounds to buy world-class brand watches such as Breguet, Breitling and Rolex.








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