Will smart watches replace traditional watches?


, Will smart watches replace traditional watches?

If this question is asked in 2015, many different answers would be exist. But nowadays, no one thinks that smart watches can replace traditional watches.

“Smart watches represent technology, and traditional watches represent craftsmanship. Technology can be outdated, but craftsmanship won’t.” said Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot. Smart watches have entered public’s awareness for nearly four years, along with it are some imperfections: Battery life problem; No super-adhesion function; The aging problem of electronic components and it is a dependency of mobile phone. As mobile wearable device, a smart watch cannot perform more powerful functions than a mobile phone with a narrower internal space which causes the smart watches to eventually become an dependency of the mobile phone.

Apparently traditional watches, especially mechanical watches, have long life and endurance. High-end materials, dedicated work, and impressing appearance. The more simple things are, the more complicated they can be. It is harder to make a simple stuff to be perfect. As long as time exists, traditional watches will exist.

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